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Volkswagen Emission Control Violation and Deceit Law Suit

The United States is concerned about the emission levels of Volkswagen, a German car manufacturer. The US government launched a case against Volkswagen claiming that it had deceived the government about its emission levels. This prosecution has made Volkswagen to recall over 500,000 vehicles and save the world from huge emissions that would have come with the machines. However, the author of the article, like any other citizen, is concerned that the US government may not prosecute the senior most executives of Volkswagen for deceiving and almost endangering the lives of many the masses (Marans, 2015).


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), informed Volkswagen of the violation of and the fact that the company cheated on emission levels. Volkswagen cheated by installing a software that turned on the emission control at the time of inspection but turned off at any other time hence risking the lives of millions of people by exposing them to 40 times the limit of nitrogen oxide. Nitrogen oxide contributes to the formation of smog which can cause respiratory diseases like asthma (Marans, 2015).

The case provides an opportunity to dispense justice on white-collar crimes on individual employees rather than the company itself. This form of dispensation of justice is in line with the DOJ memo of September 2015 and provides an opportunity to avoid instances where the administration colludes with the companies facing law suits and strike deals in form of fines. The parties involved know very well that a company cannot be jailed and hence they would endeavor to fix the case against the company to avoid been jailed (Marans, 2015).


 The public relation counsel of the company should, therefore, advice the BOD that it would be prudent to let the persons behind the new design of Volkswagen vehicles to be prosecuted individually. It is true that the company was trying to make super vehicles by compromising the emissions, but to save the company from bad image and dented reputation, the top officials behind the design should be brought to book and not the company itself. The BOD, with adequate evidence, should also make a point to dismiss the persons behind the new design.

 Grad Was (A) for that assignment.

My Professor’s feedback.

  • business person. public relationS

  • Submitted late/ minus 5 points.

  • Good selection of article. Timely and relevant. 

  • Who won in the "Court of Public Opinion"?

My next assignment is:

Professional Mandatory Reading worth 40 points each week. You have 12 of these assignments.

You are expected to read one professional or trade article per week on the advertising or public relations industry and report on that article. Your reports are to be uploaded on Blackboard no later than 5 p.m. on Friday of the week they are due. Please include the name of publication you read, date of the publication and name of the article/story.  Then give me about four-five short paragraphs summarizing the main theme(s) that you read and what you learned. You may use professional publications such as (but not limited to) Ad Age or Advertising Week, PR Tactics (monthly), PRWeek, Ragan Report or others such as the Wall Street Journal or Indianapolis Star. You may also use professional blogs.


Please write a professional mandatory reading. (1page). And make sure its will be four-five short paragraphs.


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