Topic: Lets reflect

Level: Reading homework help

Style: APA

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spacing: Double

Pages: 1 Pages

Assignment Description:

As teachers and caregivers of young children, it is important that we take a step back and reflect on our practices. Reflection allows us to regroup and make any necessary adjustments to our curriculum, assessment, and planning practices. Reflection is also an important part of the learning process for students and so this discussion is your opportunity to take a step back and look at your learning over the past several weeks. To prepare for this discussion, review the Week Four Instructor Guidance.

Initial Post: Create an initial response in which you

  • Discuss the three most significant things you have gained from this course. Try not to limit yourself to only listing knowledge you have gained. It could be a resource you have found, a strategy that you connected with, a peer as a resource in your professional learning network you will rely on going forward, or anything else related to the field and your current or future service to young children in an educational setting.

  • Explain one challenge related to the course content or an assessment that you overcame during this course and describe what supported your success in overcoming that challenge.

  • Describe one accomplishment you achieved during this course that you are proud of and that led to your achievement.

  • Explain how you now view the relationship between assessment, curriculum, and instruction, having studied these topics throughout the course thus far.

  • Describe how prepared you think you are to excel on the Week Five Final Project. What have you done to complete that assignment thus far? What additional support might you need to succeed?

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers’ posts. For each response, support your peer by addressing any two items from the five areas of their initial post. For example, you can support your peer by sharing ideas for how to overcome an obstacle, and show support by discussing connections you had with their experience during our course. Again, as recommended throughout our course, your continued interaction beyond the minimum number of required replies will further the conversation!        


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